"Trusted" computing - WHAT A STUPID IDEA! = "Crippled" computing

2009-05-23 10:00:44 by iMate900

Seriously, "trusted" computing means "crippled" computing. Big corps control what you do on your computer. They can do anything via running a agent program that downloads what the big corps want only you to do on your computer. It is another plot to destroy the community of free software that we use everyday, like Firefox and get you to use the big corps applications, like Internet Explorer.

My way to prevent this is to get a GNU/Linux like Ubuntu and delete Windows. Throw away your Macs because Apple can control what you can do on them. Bid for old <=10.2 Mac OS X Macs and use them. Tell your friends.



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2009-05-27 20:44:00

agreed. I have ubuntu on my PS3 and I really like it.

iMate900 responds:

:) thanks for rising aganist crippled computing


2009-05-29 18:24:42

I'd do this right now, if it weren't for one thing: My parents. If this is crippled, they're quadriplegics. They use AOL, Windows XP, and BOUGHT antivirus software, while I'm running Firefox and a couple free antivirises and have a much more safe and stable computer than theirs has ever been or ever will be. They completely object to me getting Linux over Windows on this computer, so my next computer will likely have Linux. HOPEFULLY.

iMate900 responds:

Parents are too tied to Windows. It's bad.

At the least I recommend, switch the ISP on them!

I also use Firefox, no anti-viruses, and a stable, and ahve Linux computers (1 doesn't work; Ubuntu 8.10 on it) and Gentoo on the one that works.

To harass your parents, at midnight uninstall their bought anti-virus, and put ClamAV on it. You might get into trouble, but as a excuse say that their anti-virus wasn't working OK and that the computer was slow.


2009-05-31 12:57:46

*rubs shoulder*

iMate900 responds:

*shoves Linux CD ito Laughingbox's computer and installs it*


2009-06-24 08:32:03

lol, if we have to use Iexplorer, Id have to buy a new computer because my graphics card wasnt made for vista it gives alot of problems (not much problems in games tough) those problems are the worst in Iexplorer, it crashes every 10 minutes.
after that, opera crashes once every 2 days, and I havent seen firefox crashing ever (but I dont use it alot, I only have multiple browsers to test my site)

iMate900 responds:

If so, switch to Linux. No IE, but Opera and Firefox (and obscure browsers like Lynx and Links).


2009-06-24 08:32:46

also, there aint flash for linux so Id use a mac if i could choose...

iMate900 responds:

Beware, Apple may put DRM in your Mac... (you can run Flash 8 using wine on Linux)